2 AM

Strømstad 2

“I want to cuddle you, but I’d also like to breathe,”
“That’s fair. You stay on your side of the bed and I’ll stay on mine,”
“I mean, you can hold my hand if you want to?”
“I’m fine, thanks,”

An hour later

“If you didn’t need to sleep, you wouldn’t need a bed, and if you didn’t need a bed; imagine all the things you could fit in your room!”
“Like a trampoline, or a race car or a mural to Leonardo DiCaprio’s face or a brick wall covered in glitter, just for the aesthetic!”
“You need to go to sleep.”
“I could be an interior designer. I would be the best interior designer the world has ever seen,”
“No never mind, I’d rather be an astronaut!”
“Yeah, I could beat some aliens ass. We don’t need aliens,”
“Oh god.”