Just how it is

One girl is pushing boundaries in the middle part of Norway, paragliding from the highest highs and diving to the lowest lows. It’s weird to think about those brown trademark curls stuffed in under one of those black wet suits, but I have no trouble imagining her soaring across the skies.
Another is modeling in Paris, pursuing dreams at the Fashion Week. Her beauty is marvelled at by the mere mortals who can do nothing but stare, but what they fail to see is the kindness and the heart that those so lucky can feel radiating off of her.
The third one is living her passions in Liverpool, creating art from the music she breathes. Hearts on sleeves and hope in hands, she tiptoe dances just as effortlessly through both the good times and the bad.
And me, I’m here in Winchester. I stumble, I fall and I get back up, all the while trying my hands at writing and wondering how uni and life in general could turn out so different from how I thought it would.

It’s strange how the three of us used to share every single day. The daily 8AMs, overpriced cups of cafeteria coffee, sharpened pencils and broken 16 year old hearts.
Now we’re scattered across Europe, but all it takes is a skype call, that familiar click of contacts connecting, and the inside jokes and that all too natural feeling of home returns.      We’ve all done so much in such a short time, and I’m so proud of us.





17th of May 2015. We celebrated like only 19 year olds with nothing left to loose can. This day marked the end of our month-long celebration, a month of bad decisions and good memories. In the wee hours of the morning we ended up on my sofa, exhausted from the lack of sleep, but all smiles and laughter, running on determination, alcohol and scrambled eggs. Waving our red, white and blue flags and donning “graduates’ uniforms”, ready to take over the world. And take over the world we would. We just needed some sleep first.