A lot can happen in five months

utafor skolen

How is it possible that there is only two weeks left of this school year? Where did the days go? Did I just sleep them away before 3 pm lectures, or did they fly past over notepads and blue markers and carefully planned out time tables? How can it be that I’m going back to Norway for five whole months? How am I supposed to just up and go, leave all of this?  I just got used to it all, and there is still so much I’m trying to understand. I’m not finished with England yet, but will it be the same when I come back next semester? How am I even going to fit into “my old life” again? No more late night poetry readings, midnight pasta or perfect walking distance to absolutely everything. I can handle change and I know that people in general are quite good at adapting, but it’s not that strange that I still feel a bit scared of leaving all of this behind for so long, is it?



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